The Smart Hamper Co.

About the Client

The Smart Hamper Co. is an ecommerce firm based in Australia, renowned for selling and delivering gift hampers across the globe. With a versatile selection of personalized and high-quality gift baskets for diverse occasions, they are committed to delivering exceptional customer service. From packaging to delivery and customs requirements, they handle everything meticulously, ensuring that the gifts reach their destination in flawless condition.

The Challenge

The website of Smart Hamper was initially configured with the WooCommerce plugin for basic shipping. This setup allowed customers to order and ship gifts to one address, the registered billing address. However, this functionality posed a limitation as it restricted customers from shipping multiple hampers to different addresses within a single order. Hence, our task was to extend the capabilities of the shipping module with features such as support for multiple shipping addresses, recurring deliveries through subscriptions, an integrated wallet system, and options for scheduled delivery.

The Solutions

Our first enhancement was the implementation of subscription functionality. We deployed the WooCommerce subscription plugin which paved the way for customers to schedule recurring deliveries of gift hampers at set intervals of 3, 6, or 12 months. The backend was tailored accordingly to allow for changes to these settings.

To tackle the multiple address challenge, we deployed the YITH WooCommerce Multiple Shipping Address plugin, thereby enabling customers to dispatch gift hampers to several addresses within a single order.

Moving forward, we focused on streamlining the purchasing process. With the aid of the Woo-Wallet plugin, we integrated a wallet system that permitted customers to store money for future purchases, removing the need for re-entering credit card details.

Finally, we introduced the Order Delivery Date for WooCommerce plugin, offering customers the flexibility to schedule deliveries on specific dates. As a finishing touch, we revamped the layout and design of the checkout page to seamlessly accommodate these new features.

The Updated Checkout Process

The enhanced checkout process now proudly hosts a functioning subscription feature. Customers can conveniently ship to various addresses within one order. In the journey towards a more personalized customer experience, we've incorporated an intermediary checkout page, allowing customers to input recipient names and brief messages for customizing the gift cards paired with the hampers.

With the wallet system in place, the payment process has become more streamlined. The option for scheduled deliveries empowers customers to plan gifts for special occasions. Furthermore, customers can now mix and match multiple shipping addresses and scheduled deliveries within a single order.

The Result

The website of Smart Hamper Co. now showcases an upgraded shipping module that deftly combines additional plugins with WooCommerce to satisfy the unique requirements of the checkout process. The advanced shipping module, supporting subscription-based orders, shipping to multiple addresses, and planned deliveries, ensures a more comprehensive and user-friendly experience for customers.

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