About the Client

Shinehone is a company that specializes in manufacturing and supplying homebrew equipment. They primarily cater to businesses and wholesalers, and their products have been used globally. They are committed to developing advanced and cost-effective draft beer and kegging equipment and strive to continue their services in the future.

The Challenge

Shinehone approached us with a unique challenge: they wanted to incorporate eight new pages into their website, all with a distinct theme, while preserving the existing theme for the rest of the site.

The Solution

Given that WordPress only supports one active theme at a time, we had to find a way to create a separate theme directory and load all necessary WordPress resources there, allowing us to design custom pages.

To meet the client's specifications, we implemented new designs based on the HTML templates they provided. One of the pages we created was a custom "Contact Us" page, which needed a mechanism to verify the authenticity of email addresses to prevent spam. We integrated the NeverBounce API for this purpose, ensuring that only genuine email addresses were accepted.

Another feature we added was the ability for customers to request price quotes for equipment through a "Request for a Quote" form. We also developed functionality for storing data from both the "Contact" and "Request a Quote" forms in the admin panel. Additionally, we set up a system to automatically send an email to the client when either form was submitted.

Once the eight new pages were in place, we updated the style of the Store Home page. We then integrated the "Contact Us" and "Request for a Quote" modules into the Shinehone website's admin panel. Lastly, we made improvements to the mobile version of the store.

The Updated Website

Shinehone's website now features the eight new pages, each with their own unique theme, while the rest of the site maintains the original theme. The "Contact Us" page is fully functional, complete with the ability to detect fake email addresses.

The Result

As per the client's request, we successfully developed and integrated eight new pages with a separate theme, enhancing the functionality and appearance of Shinehone's website without compromising its existing theme.

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