Developing a shipping module

About the Client

Chrysanthos was founded in Australia in 2005 by Tony Crisafi with the goal of reviving the ceramic industry by producing affordable and amazing colors. They moved their manufacturing offshore and now have a team of dedicated professionals who strive to provide safe, reliable, and affordable colors through research and development and quality control.

The Challenge

Chrysanthos' website faced a significant issue - it lacked proper shipping information. To address this, we took on the challenge of developing a shipping module from scratch that would be compatible with WooCommerce, an open-source e-commerce plugin for WordPress. The existing shipping modules provided by WooCommerce were insufficient for the project's highly bespoke requirements, so we set out to create a customized solution that would integrate seamlessly with the platform.

Our team designed, developed, and implemented a custom shipping module, which we integrated with WooCommerce. In addition, we incorporated support for six different currencies on the website, enabling shipping cost calculations in multiple currencies.

To further enhance the shipping module, we introduced two sub-categories: EUB and FedEx. Recognizing the complexity of FedEx's large price charts and the inconvenience of updating individual entries in the database, we developed an import functionality that allows the business to upload CSV excel price sheets containing shipping costs for various countries based on different cart weights. This streamlined process made it significantly easier for the business to update their prices.

We also created an admin dashboard interface to enable easy modifications to the shipping module without the need to alter code directly. This panel allowed administrators to change variables in the shipping cost calculation formula, upload price sheets, and edit individual price entries as needed. The primary goal of the admin panel was to provide ease of access and simplified management for the shipping module.

For payment gateway integration, we utilized Stripe, a reliable and widely-used payment processing software for e-commerce websites.

The New Shipping Module

Our custom shipping module offered two distinct shipping types: EUB and FedEx, with the latter further divided into International Priority (IP) and International Economy (IE). The module allowed customers to specify a shipping address separate from their billing address and provided support for calculating shipping costs in six different currencies.

Administrators could easily import excel price sheets to update shipping costs for the FedEx shipping module via the WordPress admin dashboard. This functionality eliminated the need for time-consuming manual updates, as entire price charts could be updated automatically by simply uploading the appropriate file.

The Results

With the implementation of the new shipping module, the Chrysanthos website is now fully operational. Shipping costs can be calculated in six different currencies, and customers have the option to view products in their preferred currency. Invoices can also be generated in one of the six supported currencies. The custom-built administrator interface allows the business to efficiently modify the shipping module settings, streamlining the management process and improving the overall user experience.

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