Paid To Go

Social Media, Graphic Design

About the client

Paid to Bike is a powerful cycling tracker that allows you to earn cash or Bitcoin.

They pay out Paid to Bike Coins for every mile you bike/cycle. Over 50% of their revenue goes directly to their users through Paypal or Bitcoin payouts.


The challenge

Our objective was to revamp the app per the client's requests. The balance screen, activity tracker, well-done screen, and activity tracker were the four distinct screens the client requested. The existing app had many issues as Its mobile navigation was challenging, the design was non-responsive, and its interface lacked user friendliness and visual appeal. Additionally, the app's general technical performance was subpar. It had several other problems as well, such as a slow load time and an unsecure connection. Cosmo had to include seamlessness and uniformity into the entire app's overall design while also considering the client's desire for simplicity and color scheme.


The solution

To overcome the difficulty, we enhanced the functionality and usability of the outdated platform. We altered the app's color scheme and added a logo to make it appear more aesthetically attractive and visually appealing. We also included data points to make it simpler to collect important information directly from consumers. This essential information provided a rapid overview of the customer-based data, enabling our client to spot trends of their target clients.

Cosmo was given total creative control to build the app's logo. We designed it with the target demographic in mind and in keeping with the app's general ethos.

Moreover, to ensure that the app's general design and functionality were straightforward, our team included aesthetically pleasing colors, fonts, animations, navigation, buttons, and other features. As a consequence, the mobile app's usability and accessibility increased.


The results

We developed an engaging and dynamic mobile app. With the target audience in mind, we built distinctive design elements for it and incorporated it into the overall theme. Cosmo successfully created a completely working and seamlessly integrated app due to a quick loading time, user-friendly interface, and attractive mobile design.

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