Incarta Medical EMR Dashboard

UI/UX and Front End Development


Incarta is an Australian-based company specializing in developing Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems. The company's mission is to provide cutting-edge solutions to the healthcare industry, empowering healthcare professionals with tools to improve patient care.


Marcus Young, from Incarta, approached Cosmo for a dashboard that would provide real-time monitoring and recording of critical data points for Alarta Critical Care Electronic Medical Record (EMR) application. The dashboard had to integrate with various APIs and offer features such as call initiation, post-discharge audit, and integration with wearable monitoring devices.


Cosmo's designed and built a dashboard to meet the client's needs. The dashboard was coded using React and Laravel technologies.

The team also developed Alarta MET, an extension to the Alarta Critical Care EMR application. This application provides real-time monitoring via wearables and allows healthcare professionals to record critical data points and admission and review for patients. The post-discharge audit feature ensures that patients receive proper care after being discharged from the hospital.

The dashboard was designed with a user-friendly interface to provide an optimal user experience. It allows healthcare professionals to easily initiate calls, record critical data points, and access real-time monitoring data. The dashboard's integration with wearable devices also ensures that patients are monitored in real-time, providing additional data points for the healthcare team to analyze and improve patient care.


The Cosmo team successfully delivered the Alarta MET dashboard, which is now operational and providing critical real-time data to healthcare professionals. The dashboard's user-friendly interface and seamless integration with wearable monitoring devices have improved the quality of patient care and made it easier for healthcare professionals to record and analyze data.


Cosmo's cutting-edge solution has helped to transform the Alarta Critical Care EMR application, providing a seamless and effective dashboard that meets the needs of healthcare professionals. The successful implementation of the Alarta MET dashboard is a testament to Cosmo's expertise in developing innovative solutions to complex problems in the healthcare industry.

A glimpse of part of the dashboard:

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