CRE8IVE's Website Redesign

Web Development

About the client

CRE8IVE is a communication, digital and creative agency which provides services such as video production, animation and illustration as well as the implementation of strategies for branding, digital, UI/UX, SEO/SEM and communication. They have worked on projects across industries to meet the needs of companies as diverse and different from each other as University of Canberra, ICON water brand and ACT Fire and Rescue Recruitment Campaign.

The task

CRE8IVE wanted to revamp their website to improve user engagement and make it more appealing to the general public. They tasked Cosmo with creating a digital platform that would showcase their wide range of services and past work in a modern and visually appealing style that would align with their brand ethos.

Design challenge

The old website had a cluttered design that did not reflect the brand's dynamic nature and purpose. It was confusing and lacked coherence. The redesign objective was to create a website that could showcase the wide range of content and work done by CRE8IVE in a modern and visually appealing style that would align with the brand's personality and ethos.

Work done

The website was redesigned to provide a clear information architecture with headings such as "Services," "Work," "Team," and more. It provided a quick overview of the available information, with calls to action available for users to get more details by being redirected. The main header included the logo for CRE8IVE, which doubled as a location selector and took the visitor back to the home page.

The layouts placed different colorful and eye-catching icons next to each other, only showing text when clicked on for more detail. This helped create compositional hierarchy, so when a visitor came to the page, they saw a gallery of images and if they wanted more information on a certain subject or project, the call to action allowed them to be redirected to another page with details.

The Home page also lists community service that the company has done and the organizations and charities that they support.

The Services page details the services offered by the company in different areas, with tabs labeled Strategy, Brand, Communications, and Technology, detailing the scope of work and services with contact and email details provided in case a potential client wants to get in touch.

The Work lists all the projects that the company has previously done, with the option to see it all together or see it divided by industry (Property, Brand, Campaign, Digital, etc.).

The Team page features pictures of all the employees of the company with the names and job titles being hidden till the picture is hovered upon. Upon clicking the name of the employee, a writeup providing their details, area of expertise and prior work experience can be seen, giving potential clients a feel of familiarity towards the team and a belief in their capabilities.

The Careers page provides an email address for potential hires to send their CVs along with a picture of the office, and the Contact page lists details for potential client enquiries and the panels that CRE8IVE is approved for.


Cosmo successfully redesigned CRE8IVE's website to create a modern and visually appealing platform that showcases their wide range of services and past work, reflecting their brand personality and ethos. The redesign has improved user engagement, making it more appealing to potential clients and providing a better user experience.

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